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Kaptin Krunch

Kaptin Krunch, one of the Foundation Dogs of New Mexico Basset Hound Rescue

Kaptin Krunch, one of the foundation dogs of Basset Hound Rescue of New Mexico, Inc., was sent to The Rainbow Bridge on Tuesday, February 14, 2006. He is missed so very much by Elizabeth, Simon, and Shortcake. Kaptin came to live with Elizabeth Moorhead on October 26, 1995. He was four years old at that time and was owned and loved by a married woman. However, the husband of this woman abused her and the dog. She moved into a small apartment, and could no longer keep her dog. She told this man that a rescue organization would pick up the Basset in two or three days. His reply was, "NO! If you leave him here tonight, he gets a bullet in the morning." So they brought Kaptin to the fledgling Basset Rescue. And here he remained.

Kaptin Krunch was always a quiet guy and enjoyed his life here with Simon, Shortcake and Bella. Some of his accomplishments were to help advertise the first Albuquerque All Basset Hound Waddle in May 2000, he and Miss Ellie would be harnessed and pull a wagon, and to welcome foster Bassets to their temporary home. He knew how to knock on the cabinet door and get to the trash under the sink. A small cat collar was then looped through these door pulls, but Kaptin Krunch soon learned how to keep knocking and get the door to bounce open. One afternoon while Bella and I were at an adoption clinic, Kaptin did get under the sink, consumed some old cookies, and got back out without disturbing this cat collar. But somehow in the process of maybe trying to get back out, he knocked off both pipes leading to the sink drains. Good thing his Mom noticed that prior to turning on the faucet.

Kaptin Krunch did have a few serious health problems and was unable to tolerate any fatty foods. These would cause severe liver problems. He was 14 years old and still doing well. But then just seemed to be fading fast on St. Valentine's Day. He was lovingly sent to Rainbow Bridge by the staff of Bolton Animal Hospital. Yes, Kaptin, you shall continue to be the founder of BHRNM and we will continue to love you and will see you again someday at Rainbow Bridge.

Love and prayers,

Elizabeth, Simon, and Shortcake